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4 Metaverse Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist in India

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You are looking for the best metaverse stocks? then you’re at the right place. We have listed best 4 Metaverse stocks that you can invest in 2022.

Simply said, in the metaverse as a “virtual environment,” you can go inside a screen rather than merely gazing at it. The internet allows you to meet, greet, work, play, and do a variety of other things.

The ‘Metaverse’ has become a catchphrase since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s new brand name, Meta.

According to industry estimates, India’s augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) businesses were worth Rs 135 billion in FY20. With a projected annual growth rate of 38%, this might grow to ten times its current size by 2027.

Spending on AR and VR is expected to reach US$160 billion by 2023, up from US$16.8 billion in 2019. So it’s no surprise that corporations are investing heavily in this next technological trend.

Indian IT firms are bracing for a surge in demand for metaverse-focused technological services. TCS, Infosys, HCL Tech, and Wipro are launching new projects to prepare for the metaverse, including proof-of-concept and virtual laboratories.

IT businesses are well-known for adapting to new trends, but there are other Indian organizations that have expressed a strong interest in doing so as well.
Here are four of them that are attempting to enter the metaverse market.

Reliance Industries

The first company on our list is none other than Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable corporation in terms of market capitalization.

Reliance Jio launched Jio Glass smart glasses in 2020. The launch was announced at the company’s 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM).

During the unveiling, the business stated that Jio Glass is intended for teachers and students to enable 3D virtual rooms and conduct holographic classes in real-time via the Jio Mixed Reality service. Aside from that, they can be utilised to hold virtual meetings.

Jio Glass will improve video conferencing by combining AR and VR. Jio has teamed with the firm Tesseract to strengthen its AR and VR offerings.

Furthermore, Reliance Jio invested US$15 million in Two Platforms Inc (TWO), a Silicon Valley startup, for a 25% interest.

Two Platforms is an AR firm that produces interactive and visual AI experiences, founded in July 2021 by Pranav Mistry, a pioneer in the fields of AR/VR, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. Real-time AI voice and video chats, digital humans, immersive places, and lifelike games are all possible with the startup.

The Reliance Group is substantially investing in technology platforms. Apart from the two mentioned above, it has recently been on an acquisition frenzy and has invested in a number of tech platforms.

All of these investments demonstrate Mukesh Ambani’s earnest intent to penetrate the metaverse.

Nazara Technologies

Nazara Technologies, financed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, is the next startup on our list.

Nazara produces money by selling in-app virtual products to gamers, which represent functional objects or feature enhancements. These are available for purchase and use within the app.

Nazara Technologies has invested in VR gaming company InstaSportz, which operates sports and VR entertainment zones in India and worldwide.

The gaming company also owns a stake in Nodwin, an Indian e-sports startup that is collaborating with other companies to create more immersive experiences.

In 2021, Nodwin Gaming purchased OML Entertainment’s gaming and adjacent IP (intellectual property) business.

Nazara also holds a stake in Next Wave Multimedia, which is developing non-fungible tokens (NFT).

In August of last year, it also paid Rs 1.9 billion for Hyderabad-based OpenPlay. OpenPlay will provide Nazara with technical platforms on which to establish a network of skill gaming venues running on a single platform.

Nitish Mittersain, the founder of Nazara, has stated that the game industry will be fully virtual in a few years. He feels the metaverse is here to stay and will play an important role in the Indian gaming sector.

In the midst of market turbulence, technology stocks have taken a knock. Nazara Technologies is no different. The company’s stock is currently trading roughly 45 percent lower than its highs.

Nazara began operations as a gaming aggregator, but has since expanded its scope through different acquisitions, which bodes well for the company.

Nazara Technologies

Hindustan Media Ventures (HMVL)

You may be asking how a traditional publishing company, such as Hindustan Media Ventures (HMVL), is utilising the metaverse.

This peculiar suspect, on the other hand, may be able to ride this wave through optionality. HMVL has invested in WURKR, a SaaS platform based in the United Kingdom and India. This software enables teams to collaborate in an immersive virtual workspace from anywhere.

We’ve all heard that the work-from-home trend isn’t going away. We have video conferencing and screen sharing apps like Teams, but the experience is limited to calls, texts, and screen sharing.

WURKR enhances the online experience by establishing a virtual office space in which employees may co-work, chat, visit rooms, and travel from one location to another in the same way that they would in a physical office. 

WURKR’s virtual workplace management platform, powered by video technology, simulates a physical office setting in the cloud.

Triveni Engineering & Industries

Triveni Engineering & Industries is the last company on our list.

This sugar company, which is primarily involved in sugar and related companies as well as engineering, has also gone the indirect route and invested in a gaming startup.

JetSynthesys, a gaming firm in which Flipkart, Sachin Tendulkar, and Adar Poonawala have also invested, is backed by Triveni Engineering and Industries.

JetSynthesys offers approximately 300 games in their repertoire, which spans many categories and is available on HTML, Java, Android, and iOS platforms. JetSynthesys is also a co-founder of Nodwin Gaming, an e-sports firm in which Nazara has a share.

In addition to celebrity investors, the company is backed by former Infosys chairman Kris Gopalakrishnan and Thermax promoters.

Wakau Interactive, a social networking platform, is managed by JetSynthesys. Wakau combines a mobile-first screen experience with short video content in the entertainment and fashion categories, as well as a video commerce component.

Short video sharing social media platforms, according to JetSynthesys MD and vice chairman Rajan Navani, have seen significant user momentum in recent years. Wakau aids in the formation of connections, a community of followers, and the establishment of a presence in the metaverse.

Triveni Engineering’s actual investment amount is unknown.

To summaries

We may fairly presume that the metaverse will be around for a long time.

Many are referring to it as the investment topic of 2022.

With the introduction of the metaverse, demand for companies that specialise in creating virtual worlds that integrate internet experiences and make them actionable could skyrocket.

So don’t be shocked if additional businesses capitalise on this trendy disruptive concept.

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