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Brand Wars is India’s best fantasy game on Stock Market

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Brand Wars is India’s best fantasy gaming app, owned and operated by BRAND WARS PRIVATE LIMITED, which strives to bring you the most exciting business fantasy game in the country. The game was created for enthusiasts who want to test, challenge, and showcase their analytical skills in the worlds of finance, business, global economics, and investments without having to buy/sell shares. This game allows beginners to hone their financial skills on a real-world platform while also putting domain experts to the test.


The game has been designed to adhere to the most stringent privacy and security protocols, which are layered in a three-tiered security protocol. To ensure the maximum possible safety and security of all financial transactions, we use reputable third-party payment gateways with 3-D secure authentication.


It is essential to educate yourself on market economics and brand positioning research, which, when combined with your understanding of the Brand Wars game, will improve your Brand Wars skills. Your knowledge and skills enable you to select the best combo for your team in order to maximize its points to win the contests.


Step 1. Register:

Click to the Registration page on or download the Brand Wars App and register with your phone number, Facebook Google Account, or email address.

Step 2. Pick a match :

Choose a match or a contest from any upcoming tournament. The team icon shows the number of teams that have joined the contest in real-time, whereas the contest size shows the maximum number of teams that can join the contest.

Step 3. Manage your team :

Choose 11 players from the pool to form your fantasy team of 100 credit points. Choose three to five companies from each pool of the listed Large, Medium, and Small Cap Companies, for a total of eleven companies drawn from all three Cap segments.

Step 4. Contests :

Brand Wars is hosting a number of contests. You have the option of competing in Practice, Cash, or Private contests. The game begins and ends at the times specified for each contest. To enter a contest, you must pay an ENTRY FEE, which may be in the form of money, credit points, coupons, or free merchandise.

Step 5. Monitor your team :

Check your team’s performance in the live-match section once the game begins. As the live match progresses, you can see how your team’s score changes based on the points system.

Step 6. Track your Competitors :

To ensure a level playing field with no discrimination or advantage to any player, you will not be able to see the team composition of your competitors until the contest begins.

Step 7. Match / Game End :

The results of each game/match will be announced within 30 minutes of the game/conclusion, match’s and you can find your team’s final score and rank in the Completed tab. The winning positions are determined by the ranks of the various teams. These ranks are dynamic and are determined by the points accumulated by the joined teams based on the player’s performance in live matches.

Step 8. Prizes & Winnings :

Your winnings/prize money will be credited to your game platform wallet. You can use your winnings to enter contests or withdraw them. To withdraw your winnings, log in to your Brand Wars account and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.

The game allows fantasy game fans to form teams, compete in contests, and win points and cash prizes by using their knowledge of brand values and stock values of the world’s biggest brands. The key to becoming a master of the game is to educate yourself in the relevant fields of finance and business, and then apply such knowledge and analytical skills to the game’s rules, strategies, and point system.

Points are awarded based on the performance of each of the brands chosen by the player, and the player with the most points wins the game.

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